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Music & Food To Move You

Sounds Delicious is a pop up dinner and show that travels around the Jervis Bay area, showcasing artists from all over the country and from all different genres and backgrounds. We have hosted artists such as Lior, Wendy Matthews, Tex Perkins, Jeff Lang, Eugene Hideaway Bridges, Neil Murray, Kinky Friedman, Timothy James Bowen, Wes Carr, Lloyd Spiegle Ben Lee, Tim Friedman, Joe Cameleerie Steve Kilby and many more. I have built this sacred space of music in order to honour the artist and their work while eating great home cooked food in one of the most beautiful areas in New South Wales. 

My idea behind Sounds Delicious is to create the perfect environment for audience and performer, and to create a space that can nurture that relationship.


My inspiration for these events has always been to provide an environment for family and friends to meet other like minded people within the community and to make sure that everyone leaves with full bellies, smiles and happy souls. I want to transport the audience at Sounds Delicious into the world of the artist. A place where space and time are forgotten and the whole room is transfixed. Holding onto every note and connected through the universal language of music.

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PG opening for one of his own Sounds Delicious pop up events

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