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Before I started touring full time as a professional musician (which is longer ago than I care to admit) I was always tinkering with something. Whether it be delay pedals, microphones or four track tape machines. I have always found a particular kind of excitement in experimenting with sounds and songs, discovering what I had never previously thought possible to create within my own studio. 


I have worked with so many talented and experienced people, all of which have taught me so much about the art of producing music and the importance of sound engineering. After a long time of working with other people, I was finally able to create my first ever completely self-produced album in 2009 called ‘Everywhere is Home.’ Producing an album by myself was never a particular dream of mine, but the opportunity presented itself and I took it. This album has become revolutionary for my career and my skills as a producer, becoming the catalyst for being able to begin helping others bring their own songs to life.


I have been an ARIA finalist, seeing the albums ‘Behind The Stars’ and ‘One Lap of the Sun’ (both recorded with Paul Greene & the Other Colours, featuring Neil Beaver, Eleanor Plummer and Matt Vasallo). Both albums I had the privilege to be able to record, produce and mix myself. 

I have since worked with so many talented artists in order to help them realise their dreams for their music and to create a sound that is unique to them. 


One of the first albums of someone else’s that I ever helped produce was Country Artist James Blundell’s album ‘Back to Woolshed Creek’. This album was recorded in a shearing shed on Blundell’s family property, working in the cold with one powerpoint, three walls and a fireplace to keep warm. The result was a country album bursting with life and heart, qualities that James had always envisioned for his new album. ‘Back to Woolshed Creek’ ended up winning the QLD Country Song of the Year for its song ‘Move Into the City’.

Since this project, I have continued to work with a number of different artists such as Kirsty Lee Akers, Melanie Horsnell and Chrissy Thomas, in order to produce albums with them that capture the beauty of their work and to create a way to communicate with the world through their music. I have had amazing opportunities to collaborate with artists such as Mike Wieley from Spy Vs Spy, Greg Arnold from Things of Stone and Wood, Wendy Matthews, Karl Brodey, Luke Dickens, Amber Lawrence, Chelsea Basham, Justine Whaline and many more. I hope to continue working alongside such talented and like minded people. 


Aside from the already experienced musicians that I have had the chance to work with, I have also created a space that I can conduct music workshops and tutoring lessons for all ages, open to anyone who wishes to understand a little more about the music that they are creating and how to create a sound and a voice that is unique to them as an individual. I work with the philosophy that if you can understand the process of how to create music, it can help create a deeper understanding of your capabilities as a musician and the endless possibilities that are right at your fingertips. All you have to do is give yourself the power to unlock your full potential as an artist. 


My studio is equipped with a wide range of equipment in order to help you to create the perfect sound and to help you gain that deeper understanding of what you can do and to help develop that connection between music, the self and the universe of sound. Everything must honour the music itself, and I want to share my passion for creating beautiful sounds and songs with beautiful people. 

Current Project: Hirst & Greene working up New tracks to be released soon!

Recently on Tour Playing Bass with good mate and long time colaboratorJames Blundell, also pictured, Jake, Briar Blundell and Jack.

Jamming in the studio with legendary songwriter, producer and world class guitarist Jeff Lang

Capturing some incredible live reverb with Justine Whaline. Sometimes its all about the lamp.

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