Waaaaaay before PG was a touring artist, he was a tinkerer: Tinkering with delay pedals. Tinkering with Microphones and 4 track tape machines; experimenting with sounds and songs and discovering what was possible.

After enlisting some of the best engineers and producers in the country to help him make his own music, Greene released his first self produced, recorded, and mixed album 'Everywhere is home' in 2009 - He also played everything on it! It wasn't something he particularly wanted to do - it was more just to see if he could. The result was stunning even tho it was recorded on a cheap 2 channel interface, with only a few microphones, it got some of the best reviews of any of his albums. Greene went on to produce his ARIA finalist album 'Behind The Stars' (with his band The Other Colours - Neil Beaver Eleanor Plummer & Matt Vasallo) and One Lap of the sun. 

It was not long after His first Self produced album that Greene was called in to record with Country Legend James Blundell. Their mutual manager paired the two to record what was to become James's come back record 'Back to Woolshed Creek' which was actually recorded in the Sheering shed on the blunder family property. One powerpoint, only 3 walls and a fire going the whole time (yes, in the studio) but the result was a beautiful step away from the commercial country that James had been boxed into for so many years, and a showcase of the intelligent and huge hearted artist that makes him a true legend. This album won 'Country song of the year in QLD for 'Move Into The City'.

Greene was then enlisted to work on several other albums: Kirsty Lee Akers 'Naked'; Melanie Horsnell 'the cloud appreciation society'  Chrissy Thomas  and a lot more albums were all highly praised for their production.

Further Colaborations have gained Greenes experience and confidence as a producer, working with Mike Wieley (Spy V Spy) Greg Arnold (Things of Stone and Wood) Rob First (Midnight Oil) Wendy Mathews, Karl Brodey, Luke Dickens, Amber Lawrence,  Chelsea Basham and Justine Whaline plus many more. 

PG also runs kids camps, and private lessons or 'music coaching' as he refers to it as, using recording to develop and improve musicianship, from beginners to experienced and seasoned professionals.

Gifted and highly capable engineer and mixer with a great range of specialised Microphones, Pre Amps and Compressors as part of his own recording studio, PG's strength as a producer comes from his songwriting. his philosophy is simple but infallible: everything must honour the song itself. 

Email Paul to talk about your next project.

Current Project: Hirst & Greene working up New tracks to be released soon!

Recently on Tour Playing Bass with good mate and long time colaboratorJames Blundell, also pictured, Jake, Briar Blundell and Jack.

Jamming in the studio with legendary songwriter, producer and world class guitarist Jeff Lang

Capturing some incredible live reverb with Justine Whaline. Sometimes its all about the lamp.

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