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There is a story to tell from taking the road less travelled, and Paul Greene has turned that into an art form. From starting his own record label, releasing 9 albums and an ARIA finalist for best Blues and Roots album that he Produced and recorded himself; Supports for international Grammy nominated artists Patty Griffin, Alvin Youngblood Hart and Ani Di Franco; collaborations with Midnight Oil Members and fronting 80’s rock / Ska icons Spy v Spy - This gifted performer and songwriter would be in the running for most successful Unknown Australian Artist Of 2021... an award, were it to exist, he would be honoured to receive. 

Spanning multiple genres with aplomb and a masterful interpreter of others, what connects the many projects is his ability to capture familiarity from a refreshing perspective.  Intelligent lyrics driven by infectious melodies and resting on a solid groove.
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